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U.S. Senator Patty Murray - Washington State


I am committed to supporting and strengthening Medicare. That’s because Medicare isn't just a vital service that cares for our Rallying for Health Care for Allstate’s seniors and disabled residents, it is the heart of health care in Washington. It trains our doctors. It keeps our emergency rooms open. And in rural areas – it "keeps the lights on" in the only hospital for miles. 

I am also working to address many of the Medicare challenges we face in our state. That includes working for a fair Medicare reimbursement rate that rewards our state’s health care system for efficiency, ensures access for seniors, and supports our doctors. Washington’s seniors and disabled residents also deserve a prescription drug program that meets their needs and their budget. That is why I’m dedicated to ensuring that Medicare Part D is strengthened and am a supporter of legislation that would allow the federal government to negotiate lower drug prices. Washington’s seniors and disabled residents deserve a Medicare system that works for them.


  • Fighting against Medicare physician payment cuts.
  • Replacing the current Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula with a system that more accurately reflects practice costs and quality of care.
  • Ensuring equitable Medicare reimbursement rates across the States.
  • Lowering the price of prescription drugs for our seniors.


  • Introduction of the MediFair Act, which would ensure that no state receives less than the national average of Medicare reimbursement rates and would substantially increase rates for providers in Washington state. 
  • Supported packages that replaced looming Medicare physician cuts with payment increases.
  • Supported legislation that would provide for fair prescription drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries.

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