Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction

“I accepted the role of co-chair of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to address the critical issue of our increasing federal debt. This Committee provided Congress an opportunity to avoid the pain of sequestration and to pass a responsible, long-term deficit reduction plan. I was deeply disappointed that we were unable to reach a bipartisan agreement on deficit reduction. My work on this issue is not done, however, and I continue to work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to address deficit reduction in a balanced and fair manner – a manner that includes increased revenue, reforms to ensure entitlements remain strong for our children and grandchildren, and smart spending reductions that do not compromise critical support for families and investments in our future.”

My Priorities

  • The federal debt is a big problem, and requires
    a big response. Truly addressing our debt and deficit will require a grand
    bargain, with compromise from all sides.
  • Ruling out changes to entire swaths of the federal
    budget will decrease the likelihood of successful deficit reduction. I am
    willing to consider all possible options in order to confront this challenge.
  • Balanced and long-term deficit reduction must
    include both spending cuts and new revenue.
  • Critical government investments in areas
    like research and development must not be compromised in the name of slashing