Payroll Tax Cut and Washington Families

In December 2011, House Republicans finally decided to end their hold-out in our efforts to support middle class families, laid-off workers and seniors. The bipartisan agreement reached in December 2011 helped give anxious Washington state families a measure of economic security through the holiday season. It will also allow Democrats to continue working toward what they have been fighting for all along – maintaining these critical middle class supports through the end of 2012.

Many have been very disappointed, however, that Republicans would only agree to a temporary extension of these middle class protections. Coming to the aid of struggling middle class families shouldn’t be an uphill struggle. Yet time and again Republicans have blocked efforts to create jobs, reduce our deficit, and provide economic security for average Americans, all in the name of protecting millionaires and billionaires from paying a penny more to help in our recovery.

The median Washington family has a yearly income of $56,479. Under the current 2% payroll tax cut, set to expire at the end of February 2012, that family is saving approximately $1,130 per year on their tax bill. The middle class tax cut – as well as the protection of unemployment benefits and support for doctors that accept Medicare – are at the heart of efforts to provide security to the overwhelming majority of Washington residents. That’s why Senator Murray is committed to seeing that they’re extended beyond the scope of this agreement. 

Click on the map below to explore, county by county, how Washington families will benefit if Congress acts soon to extend the payroll tax cut.

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