Safe, efficient, and modern transportation is critical to Washington state communities and our economy. That’s why Senator Murray has secured billions in federal investments toward public transportation and infrastructure so that Washington state can keep moving forward.

Senator Murray played a key role in helping pass the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which was the largest-ever federal investment in our roads, public transit, bridges, airports, railways, and clean drinking water. The legislation also made substantial investments to address the climate crisis, expand internet access, and build a 21st century electric grid. It included Senator Murray’s bills to help transition the nation’s diesel school buses to zero emission electric buses and help close the digital divide. Senator Murray was also a leading voice in securing funding in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for culvert replacements to boost salmon recovery efforts in Washington state, funding for ferries, and bridge repair and replacement—as well as including the strongest possible climate provisions in the bipartisan package.

Central to investing in Washington state’s transportation and infrastructure are our efforts to address the climate crisis and make our state’s transportation cleaner. Senator Murray helped pass the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in 2022, which was the nation’s largest-ever investment in climate action. This law is carrying out Senator Murray’s priority to invest in and build a clean energy economy through projects like electric vehicles, buses, and ferries—and so much more. She’s also pushing for more investment in public transit to ensure everyone can get to where they need to be. Finally, Senator Murray is fighting to prioritize climate resiliency so that our roads, bridges, and other infrastructure can withstand the extreme weather events that have become increasingly common as a result of the ongoing climate crisis.

Senator Murray will keep pushing for investments in roads, bridges, transit, railroads, airports, and seaports to make sure people and goods across Washington state can get to where they need to go—and to support the businesses that rely on this infrastructure every day. Senator Murray is also focused on ensuring the federal government implements transportation policies that will work to remedy historical inequities, particularly around access to transit for historically underserved populations.

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