News Releases

"Chief Justice Rehnquist served honorably on our nation's highest court for over three decades. His extraordinary career was marked by historic milestones and decisions that will shape the lives of the American people for generations to come.

While I often disagreed with his decisions, I admired Chief Justice Rehnquist's dedication to our country, to the seriousness of the job with which he was entrusted and his ability to work with and respect the views of his fellow justices - no matter what their personal leanings.

The great range of issues on which the Supreme Court ruled during Justice Rehnquist's tenure - from Roe v. Wade to capital punishment to Miranda rights to the conclusion of a presidential election - informs the American public of just how closely the Court touches our daily lives.

Today, our country faces many challenges. While we mourn the passing of Justice Rehnquist, we face the solemn and significant task of not only filling two Court vacancies, but confirming a new Chief Justice.

I take seriously the constitutional role of the Senate to provide advice and consent on Supreme Court nominees, and I look forward to the start of that process.

In the coming months, as the nomination and confirmation process moves forward, I will work to ensure that the President's nominee to fill this position will be fair and impartial, even-handed in administering justice, and will protect the rights and liberties of all Americans."