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Video of Murray's Statement

"This past Election Day, the American people sent the message that it was time to change course. With our troops facing an increasingly unstable situation abroad and with families facing domestic challenges here at home, the voters said enough is enough.

"Americans told the President that our nation is anxious. And they asked for a new direction of hope and opportunity.

"Unfortunately, tonight I felt a real disconnect between the President's words and the challenges facing working families in Washington state, Americans across our country, and those fighting for our freedom abroad.

"In order to move our country forward, the President must first acknowledge the deep concerns of the American people. Tonight, we heard plenty of rhetoric from him. But the American people demand action, and I hope the President will work with our Majority to make real the progress our country needs in the weeks and months ahead.

"With courage and honor, our troops have done everything our country has asked of them in the war in Iraq. They deserve both our respect and an approach that honors their tremendous sacrifice. Unfortunately, over the past four years, this President has led our troops into harm's way without a plan to win the peace. And now – rather than changing course, he has chosen to escalate the war.

"His go-it-alone strategy has alienated our allies and harmed our relationships around the world.

"He has led our nation deeper into debt with failed economic policies and he irresponsibly funded his war off-budget and on the backs of our children and grandchildren.

"Those decisions will make it harder to work toward the domestic goals he set tonight.

"I applaud the President's goal of reducing our dependence on foreign oil and his commitment to the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act, but without a commitment of funding in his budget, these are simply empty promises.

"I hope that the President follows through on his words, and I look forward to working with him on these issues in good faith.

"While I am glad the President recognizes the dangers facing the millions of Americans without health insurance, I am concerned that his plan to tax hardworking families doesn't get to the heart of our healthcare crisis.

"Less than two weeks after announcing a surge of American troops in Iraq, the President also failed to mention America's veterans even once in his entire speech. This is a disturbing omission that leaves me, and I’m sure thousands of military families across the country, deeply unsettled and greatly concerned for the future of our nation’s plan to take care of these heroes.

"I fear – from the lack of attention paid to their sacrifice in tonight’s speech - that the President will again submit a budget that will mean longer lines and more out-of-pocket costs for our veterans. Caring for those who have sacrificed so heavily for us should be a core national value that's reflected in our national budget.

"As Congress works through critical issues like the war in Iraq, healthcare, energy, education, and stem cell research, the American people deserve to know that their President has gotten the message.

"I hope that in the coming weeks – through his budget and policies – that the President proves to our nation that his is listening."