News Releases

"The 9-11 Commission worked incredibly hard in a bipartisan manner to identify how to better protect our country from terrorism and how to help local communities to defend our nation. They gave us a roadmap to protect Americans, and I'm proud that the Senate Democrats brought this bill to the floor and passed it as one of our top priorities.

"The American people deserve tough, smart homeland security policies that they can count on to keep them safe. And today, the message of Senate leadership was clear: Homeland security is a national priority, and we will take the action needed to protect ourselves in the wake of so many warnings.

"As a member of both the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee and the Senate's 9-11 Working Group, I've looked closely at our security challenges. I've worked closely with the Department of Homeland Security, including the Coast Guard, FBI, TSA, Border Patrol, as well as the National Guard and local law enforcement throughout Washington state. Through our work together, I have learned first hand the difficulties they face every day in defending our country.

"The 9/11 Commission recommendations were created in the spirit of unity. As stewards of the nation's defense and well-being, the U.S. Senate today built upon this spirit of unity as we passed a bill that truly confronts the threats facing our nation."