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Murray Statement on Senate Passage of Emergency Supplemental Bill to Fund our Troops, Veterans and Homeland Needs

Apr 26 2007

Congress agrees to phased redeployment of troops - sends language and funding to President

"Today the U.S. Senate passed an emergency supplemental bill that takes the responsible path forward on many of our nation's most pressing issues. This legislation begins the phased redeployment of our troops in Iraq, funds the needs of our veterans and wounded warriors, makes our homeland more secure, and aids the recovery of hard-hit communities here at home.

"As we all saw in November, the American people have lost patience with the President's go-it-alone strategy in Iraq. Our service members have done everything we've asked of them. They deserve better than to be stuck policing a civil war.

"It is simply wrongheaded to continue on with an open-ended commitment to an Iraqi government that has repeatedly failed to meet deadlines and take responsibility for their own country.

"That is why the Supplemental bill requires the President to send a report to Congress by July 1st certifying whether Iraq is meeting reasonable benchmarks. And it is also why Congress has agreed to begin the phased redeployment of our troops no later than October1, 2007 - with the exception of those who will remain to conduct targeted counter-terrorism operations, train and equip Iraqi security forces, and protect remaining U.S. forces.

"This supplemental bill is not - as some have inaccurately portrayed it - simply a 'War Funding' measure. In addition to the $100 billion in funding for our brave troops overseas - $4 billion more than the President himself requested - this bill provides resources for disaster recovery and security needs here at home.

"The White House claims that our investments to repair hurricane damage along the Gulf Coast, to aid to our hard-hit farmers, to provide quality medical care for our veterans, and to make our ports and airports more secure are somehow unnecessary. I think most Americans would disagree.

"Congress passed this supplemental bill because we need a new commitment to the American people and a new direction in Iraq. This bill provides struggling American communities with emergency funding to rebuild and move ahead and it lets our troops and their families know that we are putting them first. All the President has to do is sign on the dotted line."