News Releases

“Solicitor General Elena Kagan has a strong legal background both inside and outside of government and is unquestionably a highly qualified choice for the Supreme Court.  She has been selected to fill the seat of Justice John Paul Stevens, whose lifetime of public service, commitment to the law, and independent judgment have set a truly high standard for the court.

“As Dean of Harvard Law School and Solicitor General of the United States, she has demonstrated a consistent ability to forge consensus and work with people across ideological and party lines. And as the first woman to hold each of these positions, she has served as an example to girls across the country.

“I will evaluate Elena Kagan’s nomination based on the same standards I use for all judicial appointments.   Is she ethical, honest and qualified?  Will she be evenhanded, fair, and independent; and will she uphold our rights and liberties? 

“I want to know that when an individual comes before the Court, that he or she will receive a fair hearing and that justice will be rendered according to the law. This is especially important to me in the wake of the Court’s recent Citizens United ruling that undid a century of work to ensure that the voices of individual voters are not drowned out by special interests.

“Filling Justice Stevens’ seat is an opportunity to have a spirited and respectful debate about what kind of Supreme Court our country needs. Will it be a court that understands that struggles and concerns of families in Washington state and across the country? Or will it be one that believes that the voices of corporations and special interests should drown out the voices of ordinary voters?

“I look forward to a swift, reasoned and respectful discussion of Elena Kagan’s qualifications, experience, and expertise.”