“Washington’s farmers and ranchers are critical to our state’s economy, environment, and quality of life.  I know our farmers face constant challenges – from difficult market conditions and changing weather patterns, to natural disasters and high input costs.  I have consistently fought in Washington, D.C. for our agricultural producers, farmworkers, and rural communities.  I will continue to work to ensure our farmers have a safety net to help them get through hard times, access to domestic and international markets for their high-quality farm products, and housing, education, and job training opportunities for farmworkers.”

My Priorities

  • Providing federal funding for agricultural research to help promote scientific advances, which farmers and ranchers rely on to stay competitive.
  • Increasing investments in specialty crop programs to ensure this growing sector receives adequate support.
  • Ensuring the agriculture industry has access to a stable workforce to run successful businesses.
  • Maintaining a safety net to help our farmers and ranchers during difficult times, such as natural disasters.
  • Supporting efforts to help farmers and ranchers efficiently transport their products from the farm to the market.

My Accomplishments

  • Restored and increased federal funding for agricultural research, as a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee.
  • Supported important specialty crop, disaster assistance, and nutrition provisions in the 2008 and 2012 Farm Bills.
  • Helped create the National Clean Plant Network, which provides a source of clean, virus-free root stocks for our tree-fruit, wine-grape, and nut-tree industries.
  • Expanded nutrition programs that allow our local agriculture industry to provide nutritious food to our state’s schools.
  • Increased federal funding for dredging of the Columbia River to deepen the channel, allowing barges with agricultural products to pass with ease.