News Releases

March 2015
Date Title
03/25/15 Cantwell, Murray, Baldwin, and Feinstein Introduce Oil Train Safety Legislation

May 2011
Date Title
05/12/11 Murray Pushes to End Wasteful Tax Loopholes for Big Oil

January 2011
Date Title
01/11/11 Murray Statement on Gulf Oil Spill Report

September 2010
Date Title
09/07/10 Senator Murray Makes Strong Push for Oversight of Gas and Oil Industry

July 2010
Date Title
07/22/10 Murray Grills BP Executive on Company’s ‘Culture of Safety’

07/02/10 OIL SPILL: Senator Murray Meets with Local Fishermen, Small Business Owners in Seattle, Discusses Lessons Learned from Exxon Valdez

07/01/10 Senator Murray Continues Push to Protect Workers in the Gas and Oil Industry

June 2010
Date Title
06/30/10 OIL SPILL: Murray Applauds Committee Passage of Bill Protecting Washington State Taxpayers from Cost of Cleanup

06/22/10 Murray’s Statement on Judge’s Blocking of the Offshore Drilling Moratorium

06/15/10 Murray Calls on BP to Make Payments Not Promises

06/10/10 Murray Demands End to Oil and Gas Company Practices That Put Profits Above Worker Safety

06/08/10 Murray Blasts BP Executives for Refusing to Attend Senate Hearing on Protecting Workers in Oil and Gas Industry

06/07/10 THURSDAY—OIL WORKER SAFETY: Murray to Chair Hearing Investigating Oil Company Tragedies That Have Killed and Injured Dozens of Workers

May 2010
Date Title
05/25/10 OIL SPILL: Murray Continues Push to Protect WA Taxpayers from Oil Spill Costs, Urges Ban on West Coast Drilling in Speech on Senate Floor

05/24/10 OIL SPILL: Murray Joins Letter Calling for Federal Investigation of Suspicious Transocean Money Transfers