Coffee FAQs

Q: Should I bring my camera so I can get a picture taken with the Senator?
A: No. A Senate photographer will take your photo with the Senator, and our office will mail it to you. There is not enough time to have people take pictures with their individual cameras. return to top
Q: What is the Constituent Coffee?
A: Every Wednesday morning when the Senate is in session (see schedule), Senator Murray invites Washington State residents to join her for coffee. This “get acquainted” session is an opportunity to meet Senator Murray. return to top
Q: Can I bring my kids to the coffee? Are students welcome?
A: Absolutely. Senator Murray hopes young people will take advantage of this opportunity to connect with their government. return to top
Q: Will food be available at the morning coffee?
A: No, just coffee. There is a Coffee Shop in the basement of the Russell Building and a cafeteria in the basement of the Dirksen Building. return to top
Q: Do I need to dress up for the morning coffee with the Senator?
A: No. Some guests are here on business. Others are here on vacation. It is not necessary to dress up for the morning coffee. return to top
Q: Will I have time to discuss a specific issue with Senator Murray?
A: Because of time constraints, the coffee is a "get acquainted" meeting. You will likely have an opportunity to ask a question or make a comment, but this not an opportunity for a detailed discussion that takes time away from other constituents. return to top
Q: What happens at the constituent coffee?
A: You'll have a chance to take a picture with the Senator. Senator Murray offers everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves to find out where they're from and what they're interested in. Senator Murray gives an update on the issues the Senate is currently debating. Finally, Senator Murray takes questions from constituents. Her legislative staff is also available at the coffee. return to top