News Releases

"Tonight, in his final State of the Union address, President Bush gave Americans more of the same. 

"At a time when we need to be creating jobs and investing in infrastructure, the President called for tax cuts.  At a time when American families are struggling here at home, the President asked for yet more patience and investment in a misguided foreign policy. 

"It is time for a change.  And it is time to put America first. 

"The lofty rhetoric of a State of the Union address won't create jobs and soundbites aren't an investment in our future.  The true test will come in the budget the President sends to Congress next week.  

"For seven years we've seen cuts to housing, transportation, health care and worker training.  And seven years later our nation is struggling.  The outcome of the President's failed policies could not be more stark.  

"As Congress works through critical issues like stimulus, healthcare, energy and education, the American people want change. 

"I hope that in the coming weeks – through his budget and policies – that the President shows he is finally listening."