Climate Change

Our nation is faced with a growing global demand for energy, a heavy reliance on fossil fuels, record-high energy prices, and environmental concerns regarding energy use. Washington state families are struggling with energy costs in these tough economic times, but also want a more diversified national energy policy that lessens our dependence on foreign oil and encourages cleaner forms of energy to help combat global warming.  

The Pacific Northwest has much to lose from climate change, including increasingly severe storms and rising sea levels. Global warming also negatively impacts forest, coastal, and salmon habitats, and economically-important farmland, as well as human health. These resources define Washington state’s quality of life and help sustain the region’s economic competiveness. Senator Murray believes it will take American innovation and smart policies that encourage conservation, energy efficiency, and increase renewable energy research and development to address this critical issue and create a comprehensive national energy and climate policy.


Senator Murray has consistently supported energy and climate policies that benefit consumers, encourage diversification of our nation’s energy sources, and protect our fragile environment. She has fought for increased funding of important alternative energy research and development programs and has encouraged private sector development of new forms of energy technology.