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Kitsap: Murray Adds $2.65 Million for Transportation and Community Development Priorities in Kitsap County

Jul 12 2007

$2.2 million for Bremerton high speed ferry wake study included in funding provided by Murray-Chaired Committee

(Washington, D.C) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) announced that she has included $2.65 million in funding for Kitsap County projects in the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill. Senator Murray is the Chairman of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) Appropriations Subcommittee.  

Included in the bill is $2.2 million Murray added for the Rich Passage Wake study that is working to finalize the design plans and specifications for a high speed passenger ferry service between Bremerton and Seattle. The funding will be used to study the response of the sands and gravels on the beaches along the route through Rich Passage, biological monitoring and analysis, financial feasibility analysis and public outreach including a website and newsletter. The funds will also include the use of an existing foil assisted catamaran to simulate actual operating conditions of a designed boat so that potential impacts, if any, can be assessed and appropriate measures can be taken to protect the shoreline. 

"I know that an environmentally friendly high-speed ferry would be a great boon to the development goals and economic growth of Bremerton," said Senator Murray. "Therefore, I am committed to supporting the effort to design a ferry that will meet the region's transportation needs without damaging its fragile shores. These funds will finalize the design of a cutting edge, Washington-built catamaran and will continue studies to ensure the boat's wake does not threaten Rich Passage."

The THUD bill cleared the full Appropriations Committee today and will now move to the full Senate for consideration. 

Other important projects funded by Senator Murray in Kitsap include:

Kitsap County Resources Community Services Center -- $200,000

This project will help complete the construction of the Kitsap County Resources (KCR) Community Services Center.  It will allow KCR to continue to provide services to low-income residents of Kitsap County such as employment and training, a Women, Infants, and Children clinic, and a food services center that prepares nearly 200,000 meals a year for seniors and children.

Larry Eyer, Executive Director, Kitsap Community Resources thanked Senator Murray for the funding for the Community Services Center:

"We are sincerely grateful that Senator Patty Murray has included $200,000 in funding in next year’s federal budget for the Kitsap Community Services Center," Eyer said. "This grant is essential for the completion of the new KCR Community Services Center at 8th & Warren in downtown Bremerton.  Once again, Senator Murray has demonstrated her support and advocacy on behalf of low-income residents of Kitsap County." 

SR 304/Bremerton Transportation Center, Bremerton -- $250,000

This project will help improve transit access to and from the Bremerton Transportation Center and will improve pedestrian safety in the newly redeveloped downtown Bremerton.  This project includes a tunnel which will help the vehicular ferry traffic exit the Transportation Center, expands the area for vehicles waiting to board the ferry, and will improve the traffic flow on the surrounding streets.  This project will greatly reduce the potential for accidents in this heavily used area.