Education: Re-payment of Education Loans

Q. I am continually being harassed by a collection agency concerning a student loan from years ago. I have very little income besides my SSI and cannot afford to repay this loan. Is there any way your office could help me?

A.  We would send you the necessary paperwork (disability form) for the Department of Education to review and forward the completed info to our liaison with the Department of Education. They would review the form and make a decision. Should the loan be forgiven the Department of Education will in some situations refund monies that were collected to the constituent.

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Q. I am being contacted by the Department of Education regarding a loan I never took out?

A. We would contact the DOED regarding your situation and ask for a detailed explanation and history including a signed promissory note. Please note these requests could take over 3 months to process because of the research involved.

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