Health Care

Health Care

Building a health care system that works for patients and families 

Senator Murray is focused on making sure the stories, values, and priorities of Washington state families are represented in Washington, D.C.  When it comes to health care, this means fighting for affordability, access, and quality—for a health care system that works for women, families, and seniors, and puts their needs first.  She believes that families should be able to find the doctors they need right in their own communities, get quality care without breaking the bank or dealing with unnecessary red tape, and shouldn’t have to worry about insurance companies dropping them when they get sick or charging them more for care simply because of who they are or where they work.

Senator Murray also believes that government has an important role to play when it comes to investing in a strong health care workforce, as well as in health care research and innovation to create good jobs, find cures for the toughest diseases families everywhere face, and ensure that the United States continues to lead in the 21st century global economy.

Senator Murray has fought for a health care system that works for families by:

  • Passing the Affordable Care Act, a historic step toward making sure every family can get quality, affordable health care;
  • Protecting Medicare and Medicaid, so that seniors, people with disabilities, and the most vulnerable families have the support they need;
  • Fighting for legislation that would expand access to critical health care services in underserved communities; and
  • Standing on the side of those who too often face barriers to care, including women and servicemembers.

Senator Murray is focused on continuing to make progress by:

  • Building on the Affordable Care Act with policies that offer more affordability, more coverage, and higher quality care;
  • Working across the aisle to advance medical innovation for patients and families;
  • Strengthening our broken mental health care system and improving treatment for substance abuse;
  • Pushing for strong federal investments in research and development to drive new world-changing, life-saving cures and treatments;
  • And continuing the fight to protect programs like Medicare and Medicaid that seniors and the most vulnerable families depend on.
  • Ensuring people with disabilities and seniors are provided the community-based care and support they need to live a rich, full life.