Murray's Work

Protecting Crime Victims

Senator Murray strongly believes that victims of all crimes should have access to the support and resources that are required to rise against the crimes committed against them. Part of this is providing the tools necessary for law enforcement to better protect the citizens of Washington state against crimes of all nature and magnitude. Senator Murray has continuously supported funding for programs that would better protect Washington state residents against crime, as well as funding that would help crime victims fight back.


Law Enforcement

Law enforcement, at both the local and state levels, needs adequate tools and resources to be able to effectively protect and fight against crime in our Washington state communities. Senator Murray supports funding that will help Washington state programs grow and be successful in their efforts. She has secured funding for such programs in the past, and will be committed to fighting for funds that will improve law enforcement’s capabilities in the fight against crime.



Senator Murray is committed to the fight against illegal drugs. Methamphetamine, or “meth”, is derivative of amphetamine, and is a highly addictive stimulant drug which affects the central nervous system by releasing high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine. It is a growing problem nationally, and Washington state is among the top five states affected. Senator Murray supports federal funding to help local law enforcement and other local programs in the fight against meth.

Senator Murray helped create and fund “HIDTA”, the High Intensity Trafficking Area program. It was created by the Office of National Drug Control Policy in January 1997 to stem the flow of illegal drugs and prevent drug abuse. Senator Murray has successfully fought against budget cuts to this important program, which helps fund community policing programs that target labs, arrest smugglers, and prosecute meth related crimes.

Another successful program that Senator Murray has helped to develop and fund is the Washington State Methamphetamine Initiative. This program is considered to be one of the leading programs in the country in the fight against meth, with pro-active and community-based partnerships to help mobilize entire counties in a comprehensive approach to the meth fight.


Judicial Branch

The Judiciary represents one of the three coequal branches of our federal system and plays the vital role of interpreting the laws and Constitution of the United States. Senator Murray believes it is important that Congress and the Administration respect the role and independence of the federal Judiciary, and adhere to their decisions. The doctrine of judicial review prevents legislatures from passing laws that violate the Constitution, the ultimate law of our land. While there are and will continue to be cases where we as lawmakers and citizens may disagree with a court's interpretation, judicial review still serves to protect the freedoms of all Americans.

The U.S. Constitution charges the Senate with advising on and consenting to presidential nominees to the federal bench. Senator Murray considers this advisory and consent role to be one of her most important duties as a U.S. Senator. When the Senate considers a President's judicial nominee, Senator Murray believes that each nominee deserves respect and courtesy during the nomination procedure. Before voting on a nomination, she examines each nominee’s record, experience, and testimony to see if they meet her long-held standards of ethics, honesty, and qualifications. Senator Murray searches to be sure that judicial nominees will be evenhanded, fair, independent, and uphold our rights and liberties as citizens of the United States.