News Releases

"I was encouraged that the President is now reaching out to the international community by speaking to the United Nations.

Diplomacy is essential: It fires no bullets, and it costs no lives. It is critical that a coalition be assembled and that all avenues – diplomatic, economic, and other – are exhausted before considering whether to commit American troops, and American lives, to a military action.

There is no question that Saddam Hussein is an evil dictator who has done terrible things. We have known that for years. It is imperative that U.N. inspectors be sent back into Iraq to assess Saddam's weapons capability to understand what kind of threat he is currently posing to the U.S. and our interests.

The Administration has raised the possibility of a preemptive U.S. attack on Iraq. This would be a dramatic and unprecedented step that would require the support of the Congress and the American people.

At this point a number of questions remain; such as:
  • what is Saddam Hussein's capability to threaten the United States and our allies, now and into the future?
  • what are the full range of options available to address the Saddam Hussein threat?
  • how would a war in Iraq impact the Middle East and the war on terrorism?
  • what nations would join a coalition prepared to take military action against Saddam Hussein?
  • what are the long term consequences for the United States' national interests throughout the world if we launch a preemptive war against Iraq?
  • assuming Saddam Hussein is toppled, what happens to Iraq and what are U.S. and international commitments to that country?

Today's speech to the U.N. was an important and necessary step. The next step is to make the case to the American people."