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Murray Secures Over $133 million for PUGET SOUND Transportation and Economic Development Priorities

Nov 18 2005

Sound Transit, busses, air traffic technology, public housing to receive funding

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash) announced that she has secured $133.455 million for transportation, housing and economic development priorities throughout the Puget Sound. Senator Murray secured the funding as the highest-ranking Democrat on the Senate Transportation, Treasury, the Judiciary and Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Subcommittee.

Today, a House-Senate conference committee approved the FY 2006 spending bill for the departments of Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development, and other federal agencies. Now the bill goes to the full House and Senate for final passage and then to the President for his signature.

Updated on 11/30/05: The funding listed here is now federal law. President Bush signed these appropriations into law on November 30, 2005.

"In a tough budget year, we're making real investments in our roads, economy and community," Senator Murray said. "This funding will support jobs throughout the region, make our transportation infrastructure safer and more efficient, and strengthen the quality of life that families enjoy throughout the Puget Sound."


Auburn A-B Street NW Corridor Connector -- $1.7 million - This project will link three grade separated arterials between Auburn Station and S. 277th Street. The project is part of a comprehensive downtown revitalization plan for Auburn’s downtown core. The funding secured by Senator Murray will complete Phase One of the project and fund construction from 3rd Street to 6th Street. Senator Murray secured $1 million for this project last year.

Boeing, Global Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance System -- $14 million - Boeing has been selected by the FAA to develop the next-generation air traffic control system. This satellite-based approach will make air traffic management safer, more secure and more efficient. This is the third year Senator Murray has secured funding for a new Air Traffic Management (ATM) system -- Senator Murray secured $25 million in FY 2002, $20 million in FY 2004, and $10 million in FY 2005. Previous funding went to the FAA, which independently awarded the contract to Boeing after a competition. The funding secured by Senator Murray means continued quality jobs for Washington state workers and more hi-tech work for the Tukwila facility.

Cross Base Highway (Fort Lewis/McChord) -- $2.5 million - This project will construct a new six-mile highway from I-5 at Thorne Lane to SR-7 at 176th Street. The project will ease congestion on I-5, SR-512, and SR-7 by providing a more direct route through the Fort Lewis and McChord military facilities. The funding secured by Senator Murray will be used toward right of way acquisition. Senator Murray secured $1.5 million for the project last year.

Everett Transit Bus and Paratransit vehicle replacement -- $825,000 - Everett Transit’s 41 buses and 18 paratransit vehicles serve approximately 2 million people per year. Many of these vehicles have reached the end of their service life and need replacement. The funding secured by Senator Murray will enable Everett Transit to replace some of these buses with new, clean diesel, low floor ADA compliant coaches and purchase paratransit vans to serve ADA-eligible customers.

Greenbridge Transportation Improvements, White Center -- $1.5 million - The King County Housing Authority is redeveloping the former Park Lake Homes public housing project in White Center. The new development, “Greenbridge,” will provide quality housing and homeownership opportunities, and provide new employment and educational opportunities for the community. The funding secured by Senator Murray will support road and infrastructure improvements throughout the project area.

King County, Park and Ride on First Hill, Seattle -- $1.2 million - This project will help build a new park and ride lot on First Hill. This lot will provide commuter and patients of area hospitals greater access and mobility. Senator Murray has secured $3.626 million for this project in previous years.

King County Metro, King County Airfield Transfer Area -- $1.2 million - This project will upgrade the bus stop and transit facility at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle, which will provide greater access to the Museum. It will also help bring people to and from the proposed $20 million education center scheduled to be built adjacent to the Museum. Senator Murray secured $2 million for the project last year.

King County Metro Bus Radio Replacement Program -- $2 Million - King County Metro’s bus radio system has become obsolete due to new Federal Communication Commission regulations and advances in technology. The funding secured by Senator Murray will assist Metro in replacing bus radios with new, state-of-the-art communications devices.

Maritime Domain Awareness Pilot Project -- $425,000 - Our nation’s Marine Exchanges are not integrated and without information sharing, the security and efficiency of waterborne traffic coming into the United States can be impacted. This pilot project will provide the "proof of concept" for the integration of data from a set of Marine Exchanges to provide an integrated data portal to serve government users including the Coast Guard, Navy, CBE, ICE and other government and non-government users. Senator Murray secured $1.1 million for this project last year.

Mobile Object Technology (Topia Ventures in Tacoma) -- $2.75 million - The funding secured by Senator Murray will help further a pilot project that illustrates how Topia Mobile Object technology, Kolona, operates in complex network environments like the National Air Space System (NAS) and System Wide Information Management (SWIM). Kolona enables different aviation systems to interact effectively to avoid a system failure or any delay of the information available to pilots and air traffic controllers. Senator Murray has previously secured $5 million for this project.

Paine Field Kilo One Taxiway Improvements -- $3.5 million - The funding secured by Senator Murray will allow Paine Field to upgrade the Kilo One Taxiway to accommodate 747-sized aircraft. These improvements will support new aviation business development and connect the taxiway with the new Future of Flight Museum.

Port of Olympia Intermodal Infrastructure Enhancement Project -- $1 million -The Port of Olympia has identified a three-phase intermodal rail expansion project designed to expand cargo capacity. The funding secured by Senator Murray will help complete Phase Two of the project, which will add loading and storage track to improve efficiency and maximize use of the Port’s resources.

Puyallup Park and Ride -- $780,000 - The city of Puyallup’s downtown business district is a regional transfer point for Pierce County Transit Buses and Sound Transit Commuter Rail. With growing transit use, demand for parking has increased. To address demand the city is building a 400 stall parking garage, with commercial space available on the first floor of the structure. The funds secured by Senator Murray will aid in the construction of the garage and facilitate greater access to transit alternatives.

Sound Transit, Eastgate Transit Access -- $1.5 Million - This project will construct new, transit only ramps at the Eastgate Park and Ride. Located near Bellevue Community College, the park and ride is served by both Metro and Sound Transit regional express service. The project will also add in-line stations to accommodate riders using the park and ride access buses that do not exit the I-90 corridor. The funds secured by Senator Murray will support construction, which is slated to begin in the spring of 2006.

Sound Transit, Link Light Rail -- $80 million - Sound Transit is constructing a 14-mile light rail system through downtown Seattle to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Senator Murray has previously secured $230 million for this project.

Sound Transit, Sounder Commuter Rail -- $5 million - Sound Transit began commuter rail service in 2000, and by the end of 2004, “Sounder” had carried more than 3 million passengers. This funding secured by Senator Murray will support continued operation of this critical service.

Tacoma Rail Mountain Division Rail-Line Improvements -- $1.5 million - The funding secured by Senator Murray will allow for continued track improvements along the Mountain Division line from Frederickson to Morton. These improvements will expand freight services in Pierce County businesses and allow greater access in and out of the Port of Tacoma. Senator Murray secured $3.75 million for this project last year.

Washington State Ferries -- $6.7 million - Funding provided in the bill includes the $5 million set-aside for Washington State Ferries from the federal Ferry Boats and Ferry Terminal Facilities Program, which Senator Murray worked to secure in the highway authorization bill that was signed into law in August. An additional $1.7 million is provided for the procurement of propulsion systems and generators to be used on new vessels.

Washington State Ferries Wireless Over Water Project -- $1 million - Technology does not exist to transport security and surveillance data off vessels in real, or near real time. Fast, high-volume data transport and storage would safeguard data that could be destroyed as the result of an on-board incident. This project will build upon the work already underway to provide passengers with wireless internet access – that technology does not meet the bandwidth necessary to transfer video from ship-to-shore. The funding secured by Senator Murray will support a demonstration project on two ferry routes.

Washington State Transit Car Sharing Job Access Project -- $500,000 - The Washington State Department of Transportation, King County, and Flexcar have partnered to bring free car sharing services to low-income communities. The funding secured by Senator Murray will continue a demonstration project that provides free Flexcar car sharing services to residents of low-income housing programs or individuals that are enrolled in a job training program at an approved institution or are clients of state, county or city employment services agencies such as WorkSource, WorkFirst, or Vocational Rehabilitation. Senator Murray has previously secured $2.5 million for this project.

Asian Counseling and Referral Service Facility Construction -- $500,000 - The Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) provides a variety of services for the Asian Pacific American community in the Seattle-area, including: mental health and substance abuse treatment, domestic violence intervention, job training, naturalization assistance, food bank and nutrition programs, elderly care, and a legal clinic. Serving 18,000 clients a year in more than 30 languages, the ACRS has been recognized as a national leader in providing services to low-income Asian Pacific Americans. With their caseload growing by more than 400%, the ACRS has launched a capital campaign to finance a new facility in Seattle’s Rainier Valley. The funding secured by Senator Murray will support this effort and enable the ACRS to provide greater access to these critical services.

Easter Seals Washington -- $400,000 - Formed in 1947, Easter Seals Washington has been providing quality programming and services to people with disabilities for more than 57 years, including operation of Camp Stand By Me in Vaughn, Washington. Camp Stand By Me is one of only a few camps in the state specifically designed to address the particular challenges of people with disabilities—regardless of severity—in a fully accessible recreational environment. The funding secured by Senator Murray will enable Easter Seals to build a new Camp and Respite Lodging Facility and help double the capacity of Camp Stand By Me and enable the camp to expand its mission to serve children with chronic illnesses.

Fremont Public Association Affordable Housing Capital Campaign -- $500,000 - The Fremont Public Association works to end poverty in Seattle and throughout King County. For over 30 years it has provided affordable housing, jobs, health care, food and education to the homeless. To expand its services FPA is embarking on a capital campaign to build up to 50 units of affordable/special needs housing for homeless families and individuals. The funding secured by Senator Murray will help move this important project forward.

Greenbridge Community Center Renovation Project -- $500,000 - The Boys and Girls Club of King County is the primary user of the Greenbridge Community Center and provides recreation, youth, after school, and homework support programs for children and teens living in the White Center area of unincorporated King County. The renovation of the community center is a key component of the King County Housing Authority's redevelopment of the former Park Lake Homes public housing project. The funding secured by Senator Murray will go toward the cost of renovating the community center to expand its range of programs and services available to low-income and immigrant households.

North Helpline -- $500,000 - North Helpline provides a variety of emergency services to low-income families and the homeless living in north Seattle, Lake Forest Park, and Shoreline. These services include: a food bank; financial aid to prevent evictions and utility shut-offs; bus tickets to doctor appointments and job interviews; diapers and baby food; and referrals to other human service agencies. North Helpline currently is co-located with Seattle Fire Engine #39 in a city building scheduled for demolition in 2008. The funding secured by Senator Murray will support North Helpline’s efforts to find a new location.

Northwest African American Museum -- $325,000 - The Urban League of Seattle is transforming the historic Coleman School in Seattle’s Central District to create the Northwest African American Museum. The new museum will be the first permanent regional resource of its kind with year-round exhibits devoted to African American arts, culture and history. In addition, the museum will maintain an active calendar of live events – dramatic performances, lectures, concerts and community activities. The funding secured by Senator Murray will help move this important project forward.

Olympic Sculpture Park -- $500,000 - The Seattle Art Museum is home to one of the largest public collections of art in the Pacific Northwest. The Olympic Sculpture Park will serve as an extension of the museum and will redevelop 8.5 acres of a former industrial site in order to provide space for large statutes and outdoor art installations. The park will be open to the public free of charge. The funding secured by Senator Murray will help be used toward development of the new park.

Seattle Aquarium Renovation and Expansion -- $325,000 - With over 700,000 visitors per year and education programs serving 50,000 students per year, the Seattle Aquarium is the region’s largest marine environmental education center. The Aquarium is undergoing an extensive renovation and expansion project to enlarge its exhibit space and upgrade unsafe rotting and polluting creosote-soaked pilings with steel and concrete pillars. The funds secured by Senator Murray will be used toward the expansion project and help leverage additional funds.

Wing Luke Asian Museum Expansion Project -- $325,000 - The Wing Luke Asian Museum is the first affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution in the Pacific Northwest. This expansion project will add 38,000 square feet of space for exhibitions, retail, administrative offices, and a community hall. The project will rehabilitate the historic East Kong Yick Building (also known as the Freeman Hotel), one of the first buildings in Seattle’s International District. The funding secured by Senator Murray will assist the Wing Luke Asian Museum in leveraging additional funding for this important project.