News Releases

(SeaTac, Washington)  – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) released the following statement after meeting with women detained at the federal detention facility in SeaTac, Washington.

“My heart aches for the women I met today. Their stories, simply put, are deeply upsetting, and as a mother and a grandmother, it’s hard to fathom the anguish of being separated from your child without a hug or a goodbye, or to spend hours, let alone days or weeks, without knowing where they are, how they’re being cared for, or wondering how scared their child must be. President Trump’s choice to target these women and their children and treat them as nothing more than criminals should infuriate every American.

“While it was good to see President Trump buckle under public pressure and forced to back off his initial family separation policy, I will continue to demand answers on the safety and wellbeing of children who’ve been ripped away from their parents, and I will continue to call on my Republican colleagues to stand with me -- because no person, especially those trying to escape horrific violence, should be treated in the manner we’ve seen unfold in recent weeks. I’m proud to join so many people in Washington state and across the country who refuse to remain silent as this president attempts to treat asylum seekers as subhuman or merely a tool to pander to the hard right. As long as President Trump chooses to scapegoat the men, women, and children fleeing horrific violence, I will do everything in my power to shine a spotlight on how cruel and heartless this is, and hold this Administration to account.”