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SEQUESTRATION: Murray Amendment to Call for Report on Impact of Sequestration on Defense Department, Middle Class Families

Jun 18 2012

Murray amendment would call for a report from OMB on impact of all sequestration, across defense and non-defense

(Washington, D.C.) –Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) announced that she plans to introduce an amendment that would call on the Office of Management and Budget to submit a detailed report to Congress on the effects of defense and nondefense budget sequestration for fiscal year 2013. Murray’s amendment will be offered alongside Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) amendment that would call for a report on the effects of defense sequestration alone.

Murray released the following statement. Read the full text of the amendment.

“As we continue working toward a balanced and bipartisan replacement to the automatic cuts that both Democrats and Republicans agree are bad policy, my amendment will make sure Congress understands exactly how the Administration would enact sequestration if we can’t come to a deal.

“My amendment calls for an examination of all of the automatic cuts, not just one piece of them.  Sequestration would slash across a broad swath of our federal budget—from the Pentagon, to our border security, to education funding, and to the support middle class families and the most vulnerable Americans depend on in this tough economy.

 “I agree with Senator McCain that we need to get more information on the impact of sequestration, but I don’t think that effort should be limited to one piece of the federal budget. The bipartisan automatic cuts should be addressed as a whole in a balanced and bipartisan way, and I believe their impact should be examined in full across all areas of the budget they touch.”