News Releases

This afternoon, the U.S. Senate passed the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill by a 59-41 majority. Senator Murray voted in favor of the legislation.

After its passage, Senator Murray make the following statement:

"This is an historic day for America.

Ever since I came to the Senate, I've fought for campaign finance reform. I've consistently voted to get the Senate to debate campaign finance reform. In 1997, I served on the Leadership Task Force on Campaign Reform. In 1998, I offered an amendment for full disclosure. And in my own reelection campaign in 1998, I went and above and beyond the legal requirements, and I disclosed everyone who supported me -- whether they contributed $5 dollars or $500.

This bill is a significant step forward. It should help restore citizens' faith in our electoral process. It also illustrates the Senate's ability to address issues of concern to the American people.

The fate of campaign finance reform now rests with the House of Representatives and with the President. It is my sincere hope that both will support this legislation, so it will become law."