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“I absolutely respect the rights of the many millions of responsible, law-abiding gun owners across our state and nation. But I also agree with so many of them that we must take common-sense steps to get weapons of war off our streets and to help prevent the tragedies that have taken innocent lives in every corner of our nation. The President has put forward a series of sensible steps that will not only help to keep guns out of the wrong hands and off our streets, but that also address many of the mental health concerns that have led isolated individuals to carry out mass atrocities.

“I believe that in the face of the senseless tragedies we’ve seen in our schools, our cities, and our homes, Americans deserve not only a robust discussion on gun violence, but also action to help prevent it. And while I know that this is an issue that stirs deep passions and that there is no single policy that will ever end gun-related tragedy, I also believe there is no reason that people with opposing views, but the common purpose of making America safer, can’t come together to help prevent further bloodshed.”