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Murray Encourages People to 'Join the Fight'

Mar 05 2008

In 24 hours nearly 10,000 Boeing supporters have signed up

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) is encouraging constituents to join the fight on her website denouncing the Air Force's recent decision to outsource a $40 billion defense contract to build the next generation of air refueling tankers.  Murray will use the petition to help make her case as she works to fight the decision to give the contract to Airbus and its foreign workforce.

"Last Friday, I stood on the floor of the 767 line with workers in Everett, Washington, who put their heart and soul into making Boeing airplanes.  I saw the dismay in their eyes as they learned that their government is going to outsource one of the largest defense contracts in history to the French company Airbus," Murray said.  "It's just plain wrong.  And I encourage those who feel the same way to sign my petition and help me make the case for America's workers."

Over 10,000 supporters have signed the petition at a rate of 500-1,000 signatures every hour since Murray added it to her website yesterday afternoon.

You can help Senator Murray stand up for America's Boeing workers by joining the fight .

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