News Releases

 Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) released the following statement after Boeing announced their decision on the second 787 line. 

“This is a disappointing moment for our state and for Boeing customers. 

“We had an opportunity today to take a step toward workforce stability and a win for Boeing, our workers, and the state of Washington. I am disappointed that Boeing cut off negotiations and passed on a final chance to make this happen. 

“This state’s workers, communities and elected officials have worked hand in hand with Boeing for nearly 100 years to build the best aerospace workforce and the best business environment possible. 

“Even when they moved headquarters to Chicago, Boeing’s Washington workforce remained dedicated to the quality product they make. 

“Now, Boeing has decided to take their second 787 line to South Carolina.   It’s a shortsighted decision. 

“Washington state has fought for Boeing from day one.   The dedication and quality of product Washington state provides is not something you can build overnight.  The passion and history of grandparents passing knowledge, know-how and skills to the next generation is not something that can be reflected on balance sheets. 

“What the Company has neglected to account for is the quality and well-trained workforce that they already have in Everett. 

“I don’t take that workforce or that product for granted and neither does our state.  

“There are over 80,000 good-paying aerospace jobs in the state of Washington.   I will continue to work as I always have to invest in that workforce and in the infrastructure and economic development that will keep Washington state on the map as the world’s aerospace capital for generations to come.”