News Releases

“I am excited to congratulate the women Huskies on their terrific win in the NCAA Championships. Not only has UW’s women’s volleyball team given the University a new championship trophy, but they have given young girls across our state new role-models and proof that they can reach their dreams.

“We need to ensure that any young girl who dreams of making the team, wearing a sports jersey or winning a college championship has the opportunity to succeed. That’s why – as a Congress – we need to protect Title IX and the future of every girl in Washington state and around the country who wants to play sports.

“For the past 33 years, Title IX has opened doors to athletics, education and success for millions of young women across America. Title IX is not about politics, it is about helping young women – like the members of UW’s women’s volleyball team – achieve their dreams.

“I am proud of the UW women’s volleyball team, their 32-1 record, and the fact that they became the first team in a 64-team NCAA tournament format to win all six matches by a sweep. I know I join volleyball fans statewide – and young female athletes everywhere – in congratulating them on their accomplishment.”