News Releases

I am pleased that Secretary Paige has come to Seattle and I applaud him for his many successes in the Houston school system.

Secretary Paige will see great educators and great students at work. He will see parents, teachers and students who are working together with support from the community as well as the federal, state and local governments. I am proud of the progress we are making, and I am pleased Secretary Paige will see that progress firsthand. But I also want Secretary Paige to see the challenges our students are facing from overcrowded classrooms and aging school buildings.

While Secretary Paige and President Bush are talking about "leaving no child behind," the White House budget proposes serious cuts to a variety of initiatives to help our children. President Bush's budget would eliminate guaranteed funding to reduce class sizes, to build new schools and to modernize old ones.

Children will be left behind if children are left in overcrowded classrooms.

Furthermore, President Bush's budget will also reportedly make devastating cuts to child care and to child abuse prevention initiatives.

In Washington state 46,000 children benefitted from the Child Care and Development Fund in 1999, yet President Bush is planning to cut the program by $200 million.

And while 21,800 children in Washington state were victims of child abuse in 1997 (the most recent data available), President Bush plans to cut child abuse prevention by 18 percent.

I appreciate Secretary Paige and President Bush talking about "leaving no child behind," but they are going to have to revise their budget to make that a policy and not just a slogan.