News Releases

Washington, DC -- Senators Patty Murray (WA) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY) today issued the following statement cheering the Food and Drug Administration’s decision on the over the counter sale of Plan B, after more than three years of delay:

“This long overdue decision is a victory for women's health and for the American people who have been waiting for years for the FDA to act. While we urge the FDA to revisit placing age restrictions on the sale of Plan B, it is real progress that millions of American women will now have increased access to emergency contraception. It is also an important step in restoring the American people’s faith in the FDA by demonstrating that the agency will return to its mission of putting science ahead of ideology. This is a significant step forward that will help improve women's health and prevent unintended pregnancies. As promised, we will lift our hold on the nomination of Acting FDA Administrator von Eschenbach and hope that he will provide the strong scientific leadership the FDA needs and deserves.”