News Releases

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Senator Patty Murray has secured federal funding for Washington state transportation projects in the Senate Transportation Appropriations bill, the Senator announced Wednesday.

The funding specifically earmarked for Washington state is above and beyond the formula funding the state received annually from the federal government.

In 2003, the state will receive $510 million in Federal Highway Administration grant funding and $101 million in Federal Transit Administration grant funding.

"I am proud to have secured these critical federal dollars to help address the transportation crisis throughout the state of Washington. Our state's economy is facing tough times," Murray said.

Program of Projects, Washington $5.5 m

This money will go to the state of Washington to accelerate the integration and interoperability of ITS across the system, jurisdiction and modal boundaries, in metropolitan and rural areas, to improve transportation efficiency, promote safety, increase traffic flow, reduce emissions of air pollutants, improve traveler information, and enhance alternative modes. The money will go to several projects across the state.

Washington State Ferries $2.5 m

This funding represents the yearly entitlement funding under TEA-21 for the Washington State Ferry system. Washington is one of only three states to receive such funding.

WorkFirst Transportation Initiative $3.5 m

The WorkFirst Transportation Initiative is designed to coordinate resources at the community level to transport low-income people to work, training, childcare, and other employment related services. Through multi-agency planning, existing resources are used efficiently and new resources are coordinated with existing services. All projects involve public transportation. The projects provide transportation to low-income job seekers and workers in a number of ways including, new transit routes, extended hours of transit services (nights and weekends) van-pooling, ride-sharing, transporting people from outlying areas to transit hubs, and employer-provided transportation. Senator Murray secured $3 million last year for this project.

Washington State Ferries, Rich Passage Passenger Ferry Project $1 m

This project will analyze the most feasible approach to high speed water transportation between the cities of Bremerton and Seattle in Washington state.

Washington State Ferries Wireless Connection Project $1 m

This funding will develop system-wide wireless connectivity for crew and passengers on Washington State Ferries. The company that would do the work is Mobilisa, Inc., a Port Townsend, WA company.

Washington State, Strategic Freight Transportation Analysis (WSU) $1.5 m

This funding will help analyze existing conditions and make recommendations that will enhance the freight mobility transportation system in Washington state. Washington State University would likely conduct the study.