News Releases

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), released the following statement after the Senate cleared a key procedural hurdle on legislation to keep the federal government funded at current spending levels through December 11, 2015. The bill cleared a filibuster today on a 77-19 vote and is expected to pass the Senate and head to the House of Representatives on Wednesday.  


“It’s absurd that families across the country had to wait until the absolute last minute, but I am relieved that Senate Republicans have finally dropped their attacks on women’s health and finally listened to the vast majority of people who have no interest in seeing another government shutdown.


“Once we pass this bill through the Senate, it will be up to House Republicans to move quickly to push the Tea Party aside and prevent another completely unnecessary artificial crisis. And once this short-term bill to prevent another government shutdown is signed into law, I am hopeful that Republicans will finally join us at the table to negotiate another bipartisan budget before we lurch to the next deadline just a few short months away.


“I was proud to break through the gridlock in 2013 and work with Republicans on a two year budget that restored investments in education, health care, defense jobs, and more—and there’s no reason we can’t build on that deal now and continue investing in middle class priorities in Washington state and across the country.”