News Releases

“I wish Chairman Ryan luck as he prepares to take on his new role as Speaker of the House. Chairman Ryan and I have serious disagreements regarding some of the most important issues facing middle class families, seniors, and the economy. But in our divided government, we can’t allow those differences to stop us from trying to find common ground to help the families we represent, move the country in the right direction, and make government work better for the people it serves.


“I am proud of the work Chairman Ryan and I did in 2013 to break through the gridlock and reach a two year budget deal that restored investments in education, health care, research, jobs and other Washington state priorities. Now that we have another bipartisan budget deal and as Chairman Ryan moves into his new position, I am hopeful that Democrats and Republicans can build on this bipartisan progress and keep working together to create jobs, grow the economy, and tackle the many other challenges facing families and small businesses in Washington state and across the country.”