News Releases

I am so proud of the way our country has pulled together to fight the war on terrorism and to protect us here at home. And we are determined to continue this effort on every front. But I am especially proud, and this nation is indebted, to the men and women in uniform for their many sacrifices.

As the President acknowledged, we face tremendous challenges over how to manage our deteriorating economy and how to ensure our retirement security. Families are struggling with job loss, with health care needs, and with their retirement savings. In fact, 37,000 men and women in Washington state have lost their jobs since President Bush gave his last State of the Union address. Today, Washington state has the second highest unemployment in the country.

We need an economic stimulus that will provide immediate help to the men and women who have been laid off. We should enact short-term tax cuts for small businesses, extend unemployment and health care to people who have lost their jobs, and modernize Medicare and add a prescription drug benefit.

We need to lay the groundwork for economic recovery by investing in people and in the infrastructure today that will allow us to prosper tomorrow. That means investing in transportation to reduce congestion and to improve the business climate, to allow small businesses to stay and to expand in Washington.

When we get the President's budget next week, I will be looking to make certain that it effectively creates jobs, stimulates the economy, promotes our national security and reflects the values of Washington state.