News Releases

"This is a good day for fairness and justice across our nation.  Every American deserves to have confidence in our system of justice, but this Administration and Alberto Gonzales in particular, have consistently injected partisan politics into a process that requires independence.

"I voted against confirming Alberto Gonzales because I believed he lacked the independence and honesty to be attorney general.  I don't relish the fact that my fears have been borne out. 

"Mr. Gonzales' political meddling reached into Washington state and led to the firing of a U.S. Attorney who had received an excellent job performance review only months before his firing. When I sought answers, the Justice Department gave me the run around. 

"While the Attorney General is responsible for the actions of his department, the President is ultimately responsible for protecting the rights and liberties of all Americans.  The White House's continued defense of Alberto Gonzales has further eroded public confidence in this Administration.

"As a new nomination process moves forward it is incumbent on this President to restore the faith of the American public.  Americans deserve an Attorney General who displays the highest standards of independence, fairness, and respect for the law."