News Releases

"Today's decision by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly is a very positive development and will hopefully mark the end of this belabored litigation. By reaffirming last year's settlement, this federal court has sent a strong message that it is time to move on.

The judge has agreed that the settlement with the Department of Justice and the settling states was adequate, and she rejected the additional sanctions sought by Microsoft's competitors.

In fact, in rejecting the non-settling states' call for additional penalties, the judge indicated their proposals lacked any merit.

Microsoft has taken seriously its obligations under last year's consent decree and has already taken a number of steps over the past year to fulfill the terms of the agreement.

The company, and its thousands of employees, should now be freed from the diversion of further legal proceedings so they can focus on developing and producing first-class products that provide enormous benefit to consumers.

I encourage the remaining states, which have rejected the original settlement, to accept Judge Kollar-Kotelly's decision and allow Microsoft and America's tech industry to get back to business.

The United States is a world leader in the development and implementation of high technology, in part because of the consumer-friendly products Microsoft has brought to the marketplace. For the past twenty-five years, no company has done more for consumers and our national economy than Microsoft.

This decision will be a tremendous boost to the thousands of Microsoft employees and the state of Washington."