News Releases

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Today the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered Asarco to clean-up arsenic- and lead-contaminated sediments near the former Asarco smelter site and in the Yacht Basin area of Commencement Bay.

"The EPA's order is appropriate and necessary to force Asarco to clean up the contamination near Ruston that it spent years polluting. The bottom line is that we must continue to make progress to clean up the lead, arsenic and other heavy metals at this site.

At the same time, I am deeply troubled by the Administration's announcement last week that taxpayers, rather than polluters, should pay for Superfund cleanup. When polluting companies declare bankruptcy, we must rely on Superfund to pay for the restoration of their sites.

With the Superfund cleanup account dwindling, the Administration argues that taxpayers should replenish the Superfund coffers and thereby foot the bill for the environmental misdeeds of polluting companies. I believe that the polluters should clean up their own messes."