News Releases

"America needs comprehensive immigration reform that enhances our security, strengthens our economy, and reflects our core values.  Over the past several weeks the Senate has taken on this debate and worked for hours on end to address one of the most challenging issues facing America today.

"Last night, Republicans had a chance to join Democrats in moving this process forward.  Unfortunately, they put obstruction ahead of progress.  Even though I had serious concerns with this bill, as members of Congress we are sent to Washington, D.C. to tackle difficult problems like this.  Apparently Republican senators would rather raise procedural complaints than take on this challenge.  

"I know that fixing our immigration policy is critical for communities and industry across Washington state.  From law enforcement, I've heard about the challenges of securing our borders and the need for more federal resources. From immigrants, I've heard about the many challenges they face helping their families achieve a better life. From human rights and religious leaders, I've heard about the need for laws that reflect our country's compassion and values. From business leaders and educators, I've heard about the impact of immigration on our economy and schools.  From Washington state workers, I’ve heard about the need for fair job protections and a level playing field. And from farmers, I've heard about the huge labor needs for our state's largest economic sector.  That's why I will continue to work with my colleagues to move the AgJOBS legislation forward so we have a stable agriculture workforce.

"This has been a challenging discussion with strong feelings on all sides. This conversation is both about security and about the values our country represents. The ball is now in the President’s court.  He must persuade Republicans to come to the table and work with us to get comprehensive immigration reform right for current and future generations alike.”