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Thank you for letting me join you at today’s Port Commission meeting. I’m looking forward to our discussion about how this project can bring jobs and economic opportunities to Quincy and the surrounding communities, and I’m looking forward to touring the site after our talk.

We all know that this is a difficult time for our state and for Grant County. I’m doing everything I can to support community efforts that will bring jobs and recovery to our region.

This is a great project, and I know all of you have worked very hard on it. This facility will improve business conditions for existing agriculture businesses. And it will provide the infrastructure to attract new businesses. I know this rail loop is vital to maintaining access for Ag businesses to their various markets.

This project means more jobs for Quincy. I know that you’re in discussions with several major distributing firms who are taking a good look at the site and have expressed an interest in locating here once the multi-modal facility is in place. This means economic diversification for the area. This also means opportunities for food processors and growers to expand because they’ll be able to ship their products faster and cheaper.

This is a true partnership. You’ve done a great job building connections between all the stakeholders from the Port, to the railroad and businesses. The State of Washington is a critical partner in this effort. And the federal government is an important partner as well, and I’m working to make sure that you get the support you deserve.

I do have some good news to report on that front. We’ve been in touch with the U.S.D.A., and I expect that your loan will come through – and that it will happen early this month. *Update: Murray Applauds $3.5 Million Federal Loan for Port of Quincy

You’ll remember that the idea to apply for this loan came up in a meeting last year that I asked my staff to convene to find federal and state funding sources. Throughout this process, I’ve been proud to help move things along – whether it was helping to identify and bring together potential funders, writing a letter of support to the USDA for the loan, urging the State DOT to make this project a high priority, calling on BN to open the door for discussions to continue or seeking federal funding.

As you know, I’ve requested $2 million in the Senate for this project. Early next month, I’ll begin marking up the Senate Transportation Appropriations bill.

I know our discussion and tour today will help me make the case that this is a critical priority for the region. So again, this is a great project that will bring jobs and economic growth, and I’m looking forward to continuing to use my position in the Senate to make this project a reality.