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(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – The U.S. Senate today voted 55-40 to block an FCC order to allow more consolidation in the media.

The “Congressional Veto” passed by the Senate would block the rules approved by the FCC in June to allow a single company to own TV stations reaching nearly half the nation's viewers and to allow newspapers to own TV stations in the same market.

Now the House of Representatives will have to pass a similar measure and which must be signed into law by the President. If the President were to veto the bill, Congress could still enact the law with a two-thirds majority. President Bush has not yet vetoed a single bill.

Senator Murray opposes further media consolidation, because it could hinder the diversity of views presented in the news media and reduce the amount of local news coverage.

Before the vote, Sen. Murray took to the Senate floor and spoke on the issue.

Read Senator Murray's remarks.