(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Embarrassed that the American people discovered that they had left behind millions of children and working families from their latest round of tax cuts, Senate Republicans today were forced to accept a Democratic proposal to extend the child tax credit to 6.5 million families.

It was learned last week that during final negotiations on the President’s $350 billion tax cut, Republicans had eliminated a child tax credit for millions of lower income working families.

Senator Murray released the following statement.

“I was shocked to learn that millions of working families had been left out of the Republican tax plan in order to make room for dividend tax cuts for elite investors.

Twelve million children were left behind in the bill signed by the President.

I, and my Democratic colleagues in the Senate, have been working to restore the child tax credit. Today we succeeded.

Democrats have, once again, stood up for working families and forced our colleagues to provide a $400 child tax credit for working families. These hardworking men and women are struggling to raise their families and would benefit most from any changes in our tax policy.

I am proud that, because of our work, these families and these children will not be left behind.

The next step is for the House to follow suit. Sadly, the House Republican leader said on Tuesday that the House would not take up the measure. I hope that for the sake of the 12 million children, and the 6.5 million families, the House majority will do the right thing and follow the lead of the Senate.”