Today marks another milestone in the Microsoft anti-trust case. The New Mexico Attorney General, Patricia Madrid, has settled the state's case against Microsoft.

I am pleased that she called on the Department of Justice and the eighteen other state Attorneys General to seek a speedy settlement.

I applaud Attorney General Madrid for recognizing what many of us have known for years - that Microsoft is an important and valuable leader in America's technology industry, and is playing a critical role in driving the nation's economy.

Attorney General Madrid praised Microsoft for the steps Microsoft took yesterday to give computer manufacturers more flexibility. I commend Microsoft on this good-faith effort to address the concerns raised in the recent Court decision.

It is my sincere hope that the effort by Attorney General Madrid will encourage the Department of Justice and other state Attorneys General to quickly settle this case. As President Bush said, "we should innovate not litigate." I agree. It is time to move on.