Senator Murray Secures a Record $190 Million for Washington State's Transportation Priorities

Jan 01 2002

Funding will help ease congestion, reduce commute times and improve travel safety

U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.), Chair of the Senate Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee, secured a record $190 million for Washington state in the fiscal year 2002 Transportation Spending bill.

This level of funding, which nearly triples the $68 million the state received last year, will address critical infrastructure needs throughout the region, including improving roads, rail, ferries, and transit.

The $190 million in specific projects is in addition to about $700 million in formula funding for highways and transit in Washington state.

The following is a list of projects that will receive support thanks to Senator Murray's advocacy:


Sounder Commuter Rail ($20 million) This funding will help develop Sounder Commuter Rail transit facilities between Tacoma and Lakewood to the south.

Sea-Tac Airport ($26 million) To help upgrade the F.A.A. Terminal Air Traffic Control Facilities.

Pierce Transit ($2.5 million) To help replace 19 high-mileage diesel buses with natural gas vehicles.

Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride ($2 million) To construct a 500 stall park and ride garage along the South Plateau Access Rd.

Regional Express Transit Hubs ($9.5 million) To develop transit hubs throughout the region including park and ride facilities, transit centers, HOC direct access ramps, and access for buses and carpools. The designated sites are: Bellevue, Lynnwood, Kirkland, Federal Way, and Lakewood.

Bellevue Transportation Center ($1.6 million) To develop Bellevue multi-modal transit hub.

South Park Bridge ($1 million) This funding will assist King County, the cities of Seattle and Tukwila in building a new bridge across the Dumamish River.

Renton/Port Quendall I-405 Project ($5 million) To make road improvements to I-405, which will result in the development of the Port Quendall Business Project.

FAST Corridor ($20 million) A series of grade-crossings and port-access projects in the corridor between Everett and Tacoma, which will expedite passenger and freight mobility in the Puget Sound Region. Senator Murray has secured more than $100 million over the last 4 years for FAST corridor.

City of Kent/Second Avenue Extension project ($900,000) To redevelop 22.5 acres of prime property in the city's urban center adjacent to a new Sound Transit commuter rail station that opened in Feb. 2001. The mixed-use development will incorporate retail, housing, public spaces, a hotel and entertainment facilities.

Bainbridge Ferry ($4 million) The Bainbridge-Seattle route is the busiest route in the Seattle ferry system. This funding will replace old creosote treated timber pilings with new, environmentally friendly steel pipe technology.

Seattle Pier 36 Rehabilitation or Move ($12.6 million) During the Nisqually earthquake, the Coast Guard facility on Pier 36 was damaged. This grant will enable the Coast Guard to either repair the damaged pier or to move their facility to Terminal 91.

Noise Mitigation at SeaTac Airport The bill directs the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to expeditiously commit funds and undertake noise mitigation activities to implement the recent agreement between the FAA, the Port of Seattle, the Highline School District and the State of Washington.

I-90 Lane Reconfiguration The Washington DOT is seeking to reconfigure the traffic flow of Interstate 90 between I-5 and I-405. Sen. Murray wrote language into the bill to require the Federal Highway Administration to study the safety of widening I-90.

Fast Patrol Coast Guard Boat ($4.65 million) This funding will go to Guardian Marine of Edmonds to build an 85-foot fast patrol craft for the Coast Guard. With a top speed of 40 knots, the multi-operational vessel is fast enough to execute to an array of Coast Guard missions including search and rescue, port security and drug interdiction. The hull will be built in Tacoma, while the outfitting will be done in Vancouver.

PIPELINE SAFETY Senator Murray also secured record funding increases for Pipeline Safety across the country:

The Conference Report dedicates $58.35 million for the Office of Pipeline Safety, which is $5 million more than the President's request and $11 million more than last year.

The Report fully funds 26 new positions at the Office of Pipeline safety over two years. It also includes increased funding for research and development, testing initiatives, and community right to know.


Tukwila Transit Oriented Development at Longacres ($1.5 million) This funding will help redevelop a section of Tukwila's urban center adjacent to a new Sounder Commuter Rail Station that opened in March, 2001. The project will help with transportation congestion, improve air quality, and provide additional affordable housing in the area.

Fast Patrol Coast Guard Boat ($4.65 million) This funding will go to Guardian Marine of Edmonds to build an 85-foot fast patrol craft for the Coast Guard. With a top speed of 40 knots, the multi-operational vessel is fast enough to execute to an array of Coast Guard missions including search and rescue, port security and drug interdiction. The hull will be built in Tacoma, while the outfitting will be done in Vancouver.


Community Transit ($2 million) To purchase bus replacements and to develop transit centers and park and ride lots in Snohomish County.

Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal ($1.45 million) To help redevelop the Mukilteo waterfront into a regional transportation and recreational facility, including developing a Sound Transit commuter rail station, bus lines and car pools, as well as a public marina and waterfront parks.

Everett Transit ($1.75 million) To replace 3 heavy duty transit coaches with ADA-compliant paratransit vans accessible to disabled and to acquire 5 transit support vehicles.

Everett Riverfront Redevelopment Project ($5.2 million)

$1.5 million to fund the 41st Street Overcrossing providing direct access to Everett's riverfront. $3.7 million to relocate the BNSF railroad tracks that currently separate a landfill site and old mill site. Everett Airport ($1.06 million) To improve Air Traffic Control facilities at the Everett Airport.


Clark County Transit ($4.7 million) This grant will enable Clark County to develop a plan to construct new park and ride facility along I-5, as well as fund an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) in Clark County to help improve the flow of transportation throughout the county.

Marine Fire and Safety Association ($255,000) The Marine Fire and Safety Association (MFSA) funded through the Coast Guard provides critical fire, oil and toxic spills response and clean up capability in the Lower Columbia River. This funding will provide specialized fire fighting training and equipment and to implement the oil spill response contingency plan for the lower Columbia River.

I-5/SR 432 Interchange Access ($1 million) This funding will help complete a route development plan and critically needed infrastructure improvements for State Road 432.

Pearson Field ($500,000) This funding will support runway and taxiway improvements. Pearson Field also received priority designation, which could make up to an additional $900,000 available under the Airport Improvement Program.


Blaine/Whiterock International Ferry ($200,000) To plan and research an international ferry that would connect the Semiahmoo peninsula with Canadian city of White Rock.

Northern Border Cascade Projects ($2.5 million)

At the request of the Whatcom County Council, this grant will provide funding to improve the border infrastructure along the Northern border, by repairing and improving roads and facilities.

Northern Puget Sound Intermodal Facilities and Improvements ($400,000) This funding will fund a study of how to expand the Sounder Commuter Rail from Everett north to Blaine.

Island Transit ($632,000) This funding will help replace two 30-foot and three 25-foot busses.

Oak Harbor Ferry Terminal ($200,000) This funding will help make repairs and improvements to the passenger ferry terminal. Olympic Peninsula Transportation Projects:

Olympic Discovery Trail ($1.6 million) To establish a scenic bike and walking trail up and down the Olympic Peninsula.

Satsop Development Park, Road Improvements ($1.5 million) To construct Tower Road West, Olympic View Drive, and for Lambert Road Realignment.

Hood Canal Bridge ($5 million) Opened to traffic in 1961, the Hood Canal Bridge is been deteriorating in recent years. The funding will support increased maintenance and rehabilitation of the bridge.

Clallam Transit ($440,000) This funding will help replace two 30-foot busses.

Gray's Harbor Transportation ($928,000) This funding will help replace four 40-foot busses.

Mason County Transportation Authority ($385,000) This funding will help replace one 35-foot and replace two 25-foor busses.

Island Transit ($632,000) This funding will help replace two 30-foot and three 25-foot busses.

Quileute Airport ($500,000) This funding will support airport facility and runway improvements.


Valley Transit ($750,000) The funding will help replace two aging trolleys and three aging 25-foot busses that are not up to safety codes. The project will help relieve congestion, reduce emissions, save fuel and increase passenger safety.


City of Yakima, Grade Separations ($4 million) To construct at least 3 grade separated crossings in downtown Yakima. These tunnels, located beneath train tracks, enable pedestrians, vehicles and emergency vehicles to pass under the tracks.

Yakima County Adverse Weather Operations Improvements ($475,000) This project will install road service temperature probes, weather monitoring stations, steam monitors and other advanced technology components to improve the efficiency of winter roadway operations.


State SR 240 Yakima Bridge Replacement ($4.5 million) The Yakima Bridge project will help mitigate traffic and environmental problems confronting citizens who utilize the existing outdated bridge, for among other things, commuting to the Hanford Energy Facility.


U.S. 395 North Spokane Corridor ($6 million) Located in the northeast quadrant of Spokane, the North Spokane Corridor will create a 10.4 mile link between I-90, U.S. 2, and U.S. 395. The project will relieve congestion in Spokane, reduce emissions, save fuel and minimize accidents in the area.

Spokane Transit Authority ($1 million) These funds will support improvements to busses and bus facilities.

Spokane International Airport ($4 million) These funds will support runway and facility improvements at the Spokane International Airport.