“ISIL is a brutal terrorist group that wants to attack American citizens, and they need to be stopped.  While I continue to ask the Administration tough questions as this strategy is implemented, I am glad President Obama laid out an aggressive, comprehensive plan to fight ISIL across the region. 

“I appreciate the President’s continued focus on forming a robust international coalition to take on the threat while supporting regional anti-ISIL fighters – and that he made it clear tonight that he does not intend to send large numbers of troops back into combat in the region. With a full classified briefing on the President's plans scheduled tomorrow, I will continue to press for clarity of mission and goals, and how these operations will make our country safer over the long term.

“I am ready to work with my colleagues in Congress to make sure the President has the tools he needs to keep our country safe. This is a time for bipartisan work, not partisanship or political posturing.

“I voted against the war in Iraq and remember very well how our country was led into it, so I understand how important it is for us in Congress to think very carefully about the consequences of military engagement and to push the Administration to fight terrorists across the world in ways that truly keep our country safe.”