“Today’s Supreme Court decision is a step backward for democracy. It is a mistake that ignores a century of legal precedent, critical reforms made by Congress, and most importantly, the role of individual citizens in the political process.

“The will of the people should never be thwarted by the corporate bottom line and decisions made in boardrooms should never dictate outcomes in the ballot box. Yet with this decision the democratic process can now be bullied by those whose interests are defined by profit margins.

“Today’s decision is also a major blow to grassroots campaigns.  My own long-shot 1992 Senate campaign, in which we organized everyday Washington residents who wanted more from their government, would never have been possible with today’s decision.

“Wall Street, big insurance and corporate boardrooms should never have more power or a louder voice than American families and voters.  I will work with my Senate colleagues to restore that voice by strengthening our campaign finance laws.”