"Every American needs to have confidence in our system of justice, but over the past two years, that confidence has been deeply shaken.  It seems like every day we get new evidence that the Bush Administration and Attorney General Gonzales have injected partisan politics into a process that, by its very definition, requires equality and independence.   

"From politically motivated firings of U.S. Attorneys, to attempts to go outside the law to renew a controversial surveillance program, to incompetence in testifying before Congress, to today's revelations that unqualified candidates were given immigration judgeships as thanks for political loyalty, the record is indefensible.  

"Each time we dig into Mr. Gonzales' record the hole just grows deeper. 

"The buck has to stop somewhere.  Ultimately, I hold the President accountable for the actions and misdeeds of his Administration.  I voted against Mr. Gonzales' nomination two years ago because I believed the he lacked the independence and honesty to be Attorney General and because his record did not ensure public confidence in the fair administration of justice.  Unfortunately, his tenure at Justice has confirmed these fears. 

"That's why, today, I stand with the American people in expressing their lack of confidence in the Attorney General.  It is unfortunate that their calls for change have once again fallen on deaf ears within the Republican Party. 

"Today's vote asked the simple question: Is Mr. Gonzales the type of person all Americans can trust with their liberties and justice?  The simple answer is no.  Any other response only serves to raise more flags about political motivation.

"Mr. Gonzales' tenure has done tremendous damage to our confidence in the justice system.  The sooner we begin to repair that damage the better."