(WASHINGTON, D.C.) -- In response to President Bush's economic "stimulus" plan, Senator Patty Murray issued the following statement:

"Many people I represent are hurting. Unemployment is high. Job growth is low. Small businesses are struggling. Holes are growing in our safety nets. And the state faces more than a $2 billion budget shortfall.

Despite the bad news, I am optimistic. In Washington state, people are fighting to improve opportunity and preserve our high quality of life. I know our state will weather this storm and emerge stronger than ever.

I believe a short-term economic plan needs to do four things: get the economy moving, restore unemployment benefits, help states like Washington with their budget crises, and not break the federal bank. But, unfortunately, the President's plan will exacerbate the debt rather than stimulate the economy. It targets limited resources to those who need help the least.

Despite the flaws in the President's plan, I applaud the President for his apparent reversal on unemployment assistance. And while I disagree with both the price tag and time frame of his plan, it is high time that more attention is paid to getting America working again."