“The most important job of our government is to protect the American people from harm. As a nation we must do everything we can to prevent attacks, but in the process we should not cede our basic unalienable rights.

“The American people deserve a full and open investigation into the Administration’s actions. And I call on the President to begin an honest dialogue with both Congress and the public about how we ensure America’s safety.

“America is a country built on the rule of law and the knowledge that no one is above those laws. Those in power are in charge of upholding our laws, not undermining them.

“Our country was founded on the principles of liberty and justice for all and a belief in protecting personal privacy – if we yield that to the terrorists, not only is our safety at stake, but so is the bedrock of America.

“I call on the White House to be open and forthcoming in upcoming inquiries and investigations so that we can work to ensure the safety and liberty of all Americans.”