Statement by Senator Patty Murray on Administration’s Broken Education Promises

Jun 10 2003

Senator urges full funding of No Child Left Behind

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Today, President Bush held a press event at the White House highlighting the submission of “Accountability Plans” by all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Each state is required to submit such a plan under the guidelines of the No Child Left Behind act.

Now that the states have done their part to comply with the new law, it is time for the Administration to uphold their part of the bargain and fully fund No Child Left Behind.

Senator Murray, who led the fight in the Senate to fully fund the No Child Left Behind Act in the fiscal year 2004 budget, today released a statement urging the Administration to do the right thing and help our cash-strapped states educate our children.

Murray’s statement follows:

“I join with the President in applauding our states for their commitment to leave no child behind. By submitting federally required accountability plans, our states have shown that they are serious about complying with the new law. Now, it’s time for the Administration to get serious too.

Unfortunately, the President’s current budget underfunds No Child Left Behind by $9 billion this year. If we are going to hold states, schools and children accountable for educational success, then our government must be held responsible for providing them with the tools to succeed.

The greatest test of No Child Left Behind is not vouchers or accountability plans, it is whether we can make the law work for children without punishing them. So far, it seems that we are failing that test. Without full funding, No Child Left Behind will remain an empty slogan, and our children will pay the price.”