(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – This morning President Bush signed the Murray-McCain Pipeline Safety Bill into law. Enactment of the legislation is testament to the more than three years of tireless work by Senator Murray who raised the issue of pipeline safety to the national stage, and is a huge victory for families and communities throughout the country who live and work near pipelines.

Murray released the following statement on this important legislative accomplishment:

"Today, families in Washington state and across the country can breathe easier knowing that the pipelines near their schools, offices and homes will now be subject to tough, new safety standards.

President Bush's signing of the Murray-McCain bill means significant new improvements in training and qualifications of our pipeline personnel, in inspection and prevention practices, in tough penalties for people who violate these standards, and in the states' abilities to expand their safety activities.

After three long years of work, we have finally enacted legislation that will protect American families and communities and will require all of America's pipelines to be inspected regularly."