For more than a year, I have been urging the EPA to tell the American people that asbestos-tainted Zonolite insulation is a danger in as many as 35 million homes, schools, and businesses.

Today, the EPA is finally taking the right step by formally announcing its public education campaign to warn homeowners. This announcement comes not a moment too soon.

Millions of families throughout the country must understand the scope of the danger in order to protect their safety and health. I have heard too many stories of homeowners who unknowingly exposed themselves to this hazardous substance while doing routine housework.

The EPA has taken an important step forward by warning homeowners about this hazard.

I believe that today's announcement is the result of Administrator Whitman's personal concern for asbestos. This would not have happened without her commitment and hard work.

Now I hope EPA will come out and fully support the Ban Asbestos in America Act of 2003, which I will introduce tomorrow.